D-Link AC3200 Ultra

51oog82-lgl-_sl1173_-1024x553If you are currently looking for a high powered router to invest in, you will likely want to consider the D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wireless router. It happens to be an excellent and popular selection among those that are looking for high powered routers. In this article, we will be discussing this product in more detail and we will go over its pros and cons to determine it’s viability and whether or not it is a recommended purchase.

The D-Link AC3200 Ultra wireless router features simultaneous Tri-Band which is capable of delivering speeds up to 3200Mbps. Also, it features smart connect which helps prevent older devices from negatively impacting performance. It can also effectively get rid of dead zones by delivering individual bandwidth where you would need it most. Lastly, it features a very powerful and capable 1 GHz dual core processor for extremely fast network speeds which allow for a much more powerful router.



1. Smart Connect.

Smart connect on this router works the best out of the competition. It literally does not drop any connections and it will place the devices on the correct bandwidth for optimal performance. If you are dealing with a range of old and new devices, this is easily the feature that will impress you the most.

2. Set Up Is Easy.

Another huge benefit of this router is that they made the set up process dead simple. You should have no problems getting your router properly set up and working. It literally works perfectly right out of the box without having to flash it, update it, or anything.

dir_890l_3dbox3. Range.

The range that this router gives off is fantastic. Whether you are dealing with close quarters or a large 3,000 square foot home, you will likely not have any issues as it pertains to the range of the router. You should be able to obtain a quality signal no matter where you are and because it features Tri-Band technology, it will be able to shoot an individual band to your devices where it needs it the most in case you are in a kind of dead zone.


1. Design.

While this is much more subjective, some people might not like the design of this router as much as something that would not stick out as much. The design is definitely noticeable and it is something people might like toned down a bit.


The bottom line is, this product is easily one of the best routers on the market. It features everything you could potentially want in a router and it is drop dead simple to set up, operate, and it works flawlessly. It is certainly a recommended purchase.