Is the DrayTek Vigor 2860N-Plus Really Worth the Price?

In short, the answer to the question as to whether the DrayTek Vigor 2860- Plus is worth it is yes. Business will find this premium router has the dual band all companies want out of a router even though it conspicuously does not have an 802.11 ac.

DrayTek’s Vigor is also not tops in the looks department. It makes up for this in its reliability. This is one reason no company will want to do without this item. No good looking device works reliably just because of its appearance.

DrayTek does not see the point in adding the 802.11ac just yet. It has yet to add it to its most popular router until somewhere in the near future. But, the speed and reliability of DrayTek’s router make up for this to many users. The 2860N Plus really makes itself indispensable with its practical and solid build.

It is one of the larger routers available, but this is where it shows off its strength. This is not some inexpensive, cheap-plastic router that will be obsolete in a week. The ports are located in the front making it super convenient to use in a busy office. In addition, users do not have to worry about fumbling to retrieve the cables on the unit as they dangle behind it.

Many BT customers say that this router is the best replacement router for their needs. Some people have claimed it offers problems with ADSL 2, however. This is the small minority of users, however. Most people can get it to work fine. What is more, it is a very easy router to set up and use.

You could buy a more expensive router. But, with the performance of the DrayTek Vigor 2860N-Plus, you do not have to.

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